The bluetooth of my X61 does not work for some time now. It started to work only sometimes, but for a month or so it does not work at all anymore. After going through all sorts of software and kernel debugging, I decided that this was a hardware defect. Maybe a connector had become loose or something. And since lenovo provides a good description of how to take the Notebook apart, I did this tonight. The buetooth-module is located under the display in the lid. I only had to take out 3 screws. The rest of the lid was just “clicked” together. It made awful breaking sounds when I opened it. But since the Manual told me to do so, I just stopped crying and carried on. And it worked. And surprise: the bluetooth-module was loose. Here is the photo: X61 bluetooth-module got loose] The bad thing: This didn’t help. Still no bluetooth.At least, I could assemble the lid again. Looks as before. And doesn’t work as before :-( I think, this thing has to go to repair again. The fourth time.