**This Software is not maintained anymore. If you like it, take it. **

K-Letter-Wizard makes writing letters easy. Just enter address and subject and with some help from latex, you get a very good looking letter. It was inspired by tk_brief from Deres Mueller



  • Second Page alway says “Seite 2” (Page2 in german) no matter which Language you run klw in. I need a latex-Specialist to solve this.
  • The Icon is very ugly
  • Only translated to dk,nl,de
  • No KDE4 port yet. Any volunteers ?


  • You can use Drag n’ Drop to drop Addresses from Kaddressbook/Kontact to the Recipient-Field
  • If you want to write a Letter in another Language than you run your computer in, start kletterwizard like this:
 KDE_LANG="de" kletterwizard 


image image image

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